What Can You Buy With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency which is used for online trading. It is a very fast network as the payment processing time is very less. Bitcoin is not a printed currency and very limited in amount. It is not controlled by any person or institution. It was started by an anonymous programmer or a group of programmers as an open source software and the name used by the programmer is Satish Nakamoto. It was started in 2009. It works on peer-to-peer network technology. With the help of this network, any user can send or receive money without the help of intermediaries. Transactions are recorded in a blockchain which is a public distributed ledger. Bitcoin can be exchanged with other currency. There are a total of approx 5.8 million people who use cryptocurrency and most of them use bitcoin.
Anyone can buy directly from other people via marketplaces with the help of credit, cash or debit card.

Most of the people didn’t know that what are the uses of bitcoin or What can you buy with bitcoin?

Now anyone can buy just about anything with bitcoin. Also, there are a lot of big companies which uses bitcoin. Some of them are –

1. Microsoft –

It is one of the biggest companies in the world and it also allows their users to add money to their account with bitcoin.

2. Shopify –

It is an e-commerce platform which allows the user to create their own stores similar to eBay.

3. Etsy –

Around 100 vendors on Etsy accept bitcoin payment.

4. Overstock –

It is the first online retailer who accepts bitcoin payments. You can buy everything from laptops to furniture with the help of bitcoin.

5. Newegg –

It is one of the biggest retail markets which accepts bitcoins for payment.
Now bitcoins are used for almost all the services from online dating sites to lap dance in the pub. Here are the top things which you can buy from Bitcoin –

1. Travel –

There are a lot of companies which accept bitcoin. You can also buy tickets and services with bitcoin. Here are some travel companies or travel services which you can buy with the help of bitcoin:
AirBaltic –
It is the first airline which accepts bitcoin. You can use bitcoin for buying tickets or any services in AirBaltic.
Travel For Coins –
A travel booking or travel arrangement website that allows the user to make payment with bitcoin.
Bitcoin Travel –
It is also a travel booking website with one of the most comprehensive lists of businesses that use bitcoin.
CheapAir –
It is a website which is used for booking tickets, hotels, car hire, railway tickets etc. In this website one of the payment methods is bitcoin.
It is one of the biggest online travel booking agencies which accept bitcoin for their services.

2. Video Games

In past, you had to visit a store to buy a video game but now most of the people or gamers shop online. For games lover, there are a lot of game selling platforms that use bitcoin.

Xbox –

It is one of the biggest gaming platforms which use bitcoin. You can purchase games and also take the subscription and pay the amount with bitcoin.

Big Fish Games –

It is a gaming company in Seattle, Washington.

Zynga –

You can play or buy mobile and online games from Zynga.
Humble Bundle –
It is an indie games website which accepts payments from bitcoin.
PlayStation Network –
You can pay for games, add-ons or PS subscription with bitcoin.

3. Services –

There are a lot of companies which provide their services and also looking to expand their client by introducing cryptocurrency as a new payment option. Some of them are :
Dish Network –
It is an American broadcast satellite service providers which offer their services and you can pay for their services by bitcoin.
OkCupid –
It is an online dating website.
WordPress –
It is an online tool which is used to create websites.
Reddit –
You can buy its premium features with bitcoin.
Treehouse –
It is an educational website in which you can pay for different courses with bitcoin.

4.Food –

You can also pay for food in different restaurants, bar or club with bitcoin. Some of the bitcoin-friendly bars are:
Subway –
Subway is a food chain located all over the world. You can buy sandwiches with bitcoin in various locations.
Old Fitzroy –
It is a pub in Sydney, Australia.
PizzaForCoins –
You can order pizza with bitcoin in PizzaForCoin.
The Pink Cow –
It is a Tokyo based diner.
Burger Bear –
It is a food stall in London, UK
5. Other Services –
Some other services or products which you can buy with bitcoins are –
Lap Dances –
Yes, it is right, now you can also buy lap dances with bitcoin. The Las Vegas-based club known as Legends Room accept bitcoin and you can also make payments for any services which are offered by the club like beverages or food with bitcoin.
About everything in Japan –
You can buy about everything from a mattress to any electronics in Japan with the help of bitcoin.
Taxi –
There are a lot of taxi services which accept bitcoin. Some of them are Hailo Taxis, Jaipur Cab Service, Red Cab Co and many more.
Guns –
In Texas, there is a company named Central Texas Gun Works which sell its services and accept bitcoin.
Watches –
There are several luxury-watch retailers from which you can buy watches by using bitcoin. One of them is JavyEstrella.com.
Real Estate -There are some good looking properties which are showcased on Bitcoin Real Estate. You can buy directly buy from there with the help of bitcoins.
Gold –
You can use bitcoin to purchase gold coins or any other precious metals. There are a lot of retailers and one of them is JM Bullion.
Charity –
You can also donate bitcoins. Some people would prefer to keep their donation anonymous. Bitcoin is a perfect way to donate money as you can also avoid those fees. Some of the foundations are Wikimedia, Wikileaks and many more.
Gift Cards –
You can buy products from both massive worldwide companies and small business with bitcoin. A very big part of bitcoin-related transactions are purchases of gift cards.
So this is the answer for What can you buy with bitcoin. Hope you like this. Thank You.
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